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How do I know if my roof is ok after a large hail storm?

If you’ve been hit by a severe hail storm, follow these steps in the roofing insurance process:

  1. Call insurance company for an inspection
  2. Call reliable re-roofing companies for an estimate and possible roof inspection.
  3. If insurance allows a new roof or roof repairs, call the chosen roofing company such as Rocky Mountain Roof Doctors to complete the work.
  4. The insurance company will send the consumer a check and then the roofing company will be paid when work is complete.

Rocky Mountain Roof Doctors can help you through the insurance claim process. We have experienced employees who work with the claim adjusters to get you the most out of your repair.

When choosing a re-roofer, be careful not to accept a rebate or discounted rate through the company when using your insurance company.  It is against the law to retain any money from the insurance company and the whole amount should be used and paid to the roofer doing the work.

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